Sep 20 2018

Celebrating the Goal Celebration

Football Club Merchandise

Knee slides, back flips, and even choreographed dance routines have become an integral part of the beautiful game.

In years gone by, it was common to see goal scorers removing their shirt and swinging it above their head as they charged down the side-lines. In 2003, this form of celebration was banned, and players began to find ever more creative ways to mark the moment they get their name on the score sheet.

Often these innovative celebrations lodge themselves in our memory more than the goals which led to them. Think of Peter Crouch’s take on the robot or Daniel Sturridge’s trademark dance.

Now ask yourself if you can remember the goals they scored before busting a move. You can’t, because it’s the celebrations that has everyone talking after the game has finished.

Such memorable celebrations also achieve immortality. Continuously recreated across five-a-side pitches and school playing fields, you’ll see kids and adults dabbing like Pogba or raising their arm like Shearer for as long as people are playing football.

At USP, we’ve been inspired by the celebration. That feeling of pure joy that overcomes players and fans is something we’ve embraced through all of our merchandise.

Take our patented shirt swingers and shirt scarves for example – these are products that capture the spirit of a celebrating stadium that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Armed with these accessories, you’ll be fully prepared to jump up and show your support the next time your team scores that vital goal.

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